Hurun Shanghai Tech Transfer List 2018

Hurun Research Institute released the Hurun Shanghai Tech Transfer List 2018 today.

Hurun Research Institute releases Hurun Shanghai Tech Transfer List 2018, focusing on technical achievement

15 organizations recognised in the Hurun Shanghai Tech Transfer Organizations Top 5 2018 and Hurun Shanghai Tech Transfer Professionals Top 10 2018

10 Individuals included in Hurun Shanghai Tech Transfer Professionals Top 10 2018


(October 31st, 2018, Shanghai) Hurun Research Institute released the Hurun Shanghai Tech Transfer List 2018 today, which includes the Hurun Shanghai Tech Transfer Organizations Top 5 2018, Hurun Shanghai Tech Transfer Rising Stars Top 10 2018 and the Hurun Shanghai Tech Transfer Professionals Top 10 2018.


Technological services are an emerging industry, and technology transfer services play an integral role within it. In the Hurun Shanghai Tech Transfer List 2018, the Hurun Research Institute focuses on how to transform the scientific and technological achievements of universities and organisations, with the emphasis on internationalisation, compounding, professionalism and innovation among technology transfer institutions and management. The data encompass four main dimensions, which include the volume and number of transactions promoting technology transfer projects, industry influence, financial status, and representative cases. The following categories are also brought into focus when compiling the list: the acquisition of international projects, analysis of typical cases, turnover from project transformation through transfer/license/price investment, and organisational team composition.


Hurun Report Chairman and Chief Researcher Rupert Hoogewerf said: “IPs including technological brands and patents are set to play very important roles in the subsequent development of Chinese companies. Technology transfer is an emerging industry in China, and we hope that the list will help spread awareness of the top performing organisations and individuals in this industry. 


This is a translation of the summary of the Chinese press release. Please refer to the Chinese language version for the full release.



The Hurun Shanghai Tech Transfer Organisations Top 5 2018 is composed of the most outstanding technology transfer organisations operating in Shanghai today


Hurun   Shanghai Tech Transfer Organisations Top 5 2018

Kechuangbang (Yunfu Technology)

Shanghai Rongzhi

Advanced Industrial Technology Research Institute (AITRI) at Shanghai   Jiao Tong University

Shanghai   Sinoipro IP Management & Tech Transfer

Umore   Cleantech Consulting


SourceHurun Research Institute, in alphabetical order


Kechuangbang (a brand marketed by Yunfu Technology Ltd.) is one of China’s leading technology transfer platforms, focused on the commercialisation of promising technology and the incubation of technical innovation among Chinese enterprises.


Shanghai Rongzhi has created an innovative ‘1+4’ technology transformation model, and was the first to propose the ‘IP Roadshow’ model and ‘achievement transformation navigation products’. Over the past two years, Rongzhi’s achievement transformations have exceeded CNY150 million in value.


Founded in December 2009, Advanced Industrial Technology Research Institute (AITRI) at Shanghai Jiao Tong University is committed to promoting the emerging pillar industries and integration of innovative high-tech research findings. By providing a ‘1-2-3’ service model (one core, two service models and three service types), AITRI accelerates the technology integration innovation and technology transfer within domestic industry.


Shanghai Sinoipro IP Management & Tech Transfer Co., Ltd is a leading company focusing on improving the quality and commercial value of patents. Engaged in international technology transfer and the realisation of value-added technology, its high-end intellectual property analysis and consulting capabilities are highly regarded. Its business scope encompasses biological medicine, new materials, new energy, medical equipment, environmental protection technology, high-end equipment manufacturing, among others.


Umore Cleantech Consulting is a global consulting firm focused on international cleantech transfer and investmentthe provision of support for a smooth entry into the Chinese market in the fields of investment and M&A, business development and technological partnership. Established in 2014 and headquartered in Shanghai, Umore has set up four representative offices in Copenhagen, Dusseldorf, Toronto, and Singapore for scouting top-notch clean technologies across 14 countries.



The Hurun Shanghai Tech Transfer Rising Stars Top 10 2018 are the most rapidly growing institutions exhibiting outstanding performance in the field of technology transfer in Shanghai.


2018   Hurun Shanghai Tech Transfer Rising Stars Top 10

Daguang   Consulting (Shanghai)

NTTC   (National Technology Transfer Centre) of ECUST

Keji Niu   (Shanghai Yishi Internet Technology)

Sino Israel   Technology Innovations

Green   Support Materials Technology (Shanghai)

Shanghai   Mag-Gene NanoTech


Shanghai   Maige Medical Device Technology Service

Qiezi   (Shanghai) Consulting

University   of Shanghai for Science and Technology

SourceHurun Research Institute, in alphabetical order


Established in Shanghai in 2009, Daguang Consulting (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. provides a platform dedicated to the transfer of technology between Chinese and Korean companies, focusing on biomedicine and medical devices. It has held the annual China-Korea Biomedical Forum every year since 2013, and a Korean bio-micro-needle company successfully obtained strategic investment from the Chinese enterprises through the forum. Through its projects, Daguang has accumulated the resources and experience to provide technology exchange services for biomedical and medical device projectors at home and abroad.


NTTC (National Technology Transfer Centre) of ECUST, which was recognised as one of the first six such centres in 2001, has been highly praised and recognized worldwide, and constitutes a model technology transfer institution.


Keji Niu was established in partnership between Shanghai Jiaotong University, the International Education Institute Project Center and a number of entrepreneurs with backgrounds in technology transformation. It has collaborated extensively with domestic companies. 


Sino Israel Technology Innovations is a comprehensive service-delivery agency that focuses on technological cooperation and transfer between China and Israel, with Lehavim (Shanghai) Shared Work Space Co., Ltd as its operating entity.


Green Support Materials Technology (Shanghai) Co. Ltd., which serves as a ‘venture partner for scientists’, is committed to speeding up early-stage technology transfer in the field of new materials by creating a strong ecological chain, involving investment, research, incubation and industrialization.


Shanghai Mag-Gene NanoTech Co., Ltd focuses on transformation services in the nano and biomedical technological fields, with five technologies such as the ‘new nano contrast agent’ having been successfully transformed.


MetaLab’s main product,, is a leading Chinese technology and industry transfer platform. It focuses on innovative technological research promotion and the development of an enterprise service network across a variety of sectors including the energy and environment, materials science, chemical biotechnology and agriculture, and mechanical and electronics industries. By integrating the worldwide online application of innovative technologyMetalab constitutes a ‘technological partner network’ mediating between supply and demand.


Shanghai Maige Medical Device Technology Service Co., Ltd. is a service platform focusing on innovative products, technology transfer and financing. It utilises the resources and experience of the medical device industry to assist technical/project leaders in accurate docking.


Qiezi (Shanghai) Consulting Co., Ltd focuses on the industrial service ecosystem across five sectors, namely education and training, consulting management, fund lending, technology services and new media, and helps enterprises undertake science and technology-driven transformation.


The University of Shanghai for Science and Technology Transfer Centre was recognised by the Ministry of Science and Technology as a ‘National Technology Transfer Demonstration Institution’ in 2009. In 2017 it completed the first case of the transformation of scientific and technological achievements into equity incentives.


The Hurun Shanghai Tech Transfer Professionals Top 10 2018 are managers who have made outstanding achievements and contributions in the field of technology transfer in Shanghai.


Top 10 The 2018   Hurun Shanghai Tech Transfer Professionals Top 10 2018

Ko Hyun Sung

Daguang   Consulting (Shanghai)

Liao Yuqing

University of   Shanghai for Science and Technology(USST) Technology Transfer Center

Lin Xianjie


Ling Lujia

Qiezi   (Shanghai) Consulting

Liu Haifeng


Liu Qunyan


Advanced Industrial Technology Research Institute (AITRI) at Shanghai   Jiao Tong University

Tang Xiaolin


Xu Rong


Yu Xiaojing

Shanghai   Rongzhi

Zong Gang

Shanghai   Sinoipro IP Management & Tech Transfer

SourceHurun Research Institute, in alphabetical order



Ko Hyun Sung (MA Law, Fudan University, PhD Economic Law, East China University of Political Science and Law) is the General Manager of Daguang. Committed to providing a Sino-Korean technology transformation platform, Ko has organised the China-Korea Biomedical Forum and other technology and investment matching conferences, and has traded more than USD10 million in the field of biomedicine.


Liao Yuqing, Ph.D., the director of the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology (USST) Technology Transfer Center, has actively promoted the construction of the USST immersion technology transfer ecological system, and participated in the foundation and establishment of Green Technology Bank.


Lin Xianjie, general manager of MetaLab (Shanghai Maitan Information Technology Co., Ltd.) , graduated from Shanghai Jiao Tong University. He has spearheaded the launch of China's leading integrated internet technology transfer service provider, MetaLab. He personally leads and participates the transfer of over 50 technologies, including Liantan Chemical Industry Co. Ltd., Wenyitong Information Co., Ltd., Yunou Materials Co., Ltd., Zhigao Co., Ltd., Liebing Co., Ltd., among others.


Ling Lujia, chairman of Qiezi (Shanghai) Consulting Co., Ltd, majored in finance at Fudan University, and is an expert in guiding entrepreneurship and enterprise transformation. In 2018, Ling assisted HZWTECH Technology Co., Ltd to successfully complete the transformation of its business model and corporate structure into a cutting-edge high-tech company.


Liu Haifeng, executive deputy director of NTTC of ECUST, PhD, possesses expertise in high-level national talent support plans. He has been engaged in scientific research and technology transfer for 20 years, and led his company to provide the first set of large-scale chemical technology to be exported to the US.


Liu Qunyan, Doctor of Law, is the director of the Technology Transfer Department at the Advanced Industrial Technology Research Institute of Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Dr. Liu has pioneered different technology transfer modes, including technology investment, autonomous teaching technology transfer, ‘Easy Access IP’ and ‘variable interest entity’ (TPE) model among others.


Tang Xiaolin, CEO of Kechuangbang, acts as a technology transfer consultant for a number of prestigious universities in Shanghai, has led the development of technology transfer protocols, and has successfully overseen co-operations between universities and enterprises.


Xu Rong, Founder & CEO of Umore, PhD of Developmental Biology in Fudan University. With thirteen years of experience in fields such as corporate management, technological R&D and manufacturing, Rong founded Umore in July 2014, connecting in excess of 500 overseas organisations and companies and 3000 domestic ones drawn from all corners of the environmental sector. Rong has led efforts in cases such as the authorisation of Finnish soil remediation technology, the full sale of an American reverse osmosis water treatment company, and Chinese SOE financing projects to develop Belt and Road project markets in Cambodia, among others. In 2017, UMORE has helped complete transactions worth CNY240 billion.


Yu Xiaojing (Jeany Yu), founder of Shanghai Rongzhi, was the first to propose the ‘IP Roadshow’ and ‘Achievement Transformation Navigation Products’. Over the past two years, she helped to seal deals worth in excess of CNY120 million, focusing on the medical and healthcare field.

Gordon Zong, CEO of Sinoipro IP management & Technology transfer Co.,LTD,Ph.D. candidate,selected in “The Recruitment Program of Global Experts” of Shanghai; has worked as Intellectual property and technology transfer manager of the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center for over 10 years; From the year of 2007 to 2013, he was the Managing Director of the Office of Technology Transfer (OTT)at Shanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences (SIBS), Chinese Academy of Science. OTT at SIBS was the first technology transfer organization in China; He has done hundreds of patent & technology licensing and Collaboration deals and set up several start-up companies both in US and in China. He has completed about 20 licensing deals worth of over 1 billion.

About Hurun Report Inc.

Nobody Knows China’s Rich Better!


Established in 1999 by British accountant Rupert Hoogewerf, Hurun Report Inc. has grown into a leading research platform based in Shanghai, best known for its China Rich List, employing 150 staff members today. Hurun Report Inc. has four main divisions.


Hurun Research Institute: the ‘World’s Largest Rich List Provider’

2018 marks the 20th release of the Hurun China Rich List, which over past two decades years has shed light on the fastest period of wealth creation in the history of the world. The Rich List has shown how Chinese entrepreneurs have grown to comprise 35% of the Hurun Global Rich List, overtaking US entrepreneurs for the first time two years ago.


The Hurun Richest Self-Made Women in the World List has been highlighting for over ten years the fact that 70% of the world’s most successful businesswomen hail from China, amply demonstrating the dominance of China in this field, and changing the world’s perception of Chinese women in business.


The Hurun China Philanthropy List ranks the most generous individuals in China and is now in its 15th year. With no inheritance tax, Chinese give much more generously than many have previously understood. 


Two recent lists to have made an impact include the Hurun China Unicorn Index, ranking the most dynamic businesses with a valuation of USD1 billion or more in China; and the Hurun Most Successful University Alumni.


In India, the Hurun Report launched the Hurun India Rich List for the seventh time this year, and has an active events business there.


‘World Authority on the Chinese High Net Worth Individual’

Recent research partners include financial institutions (PingAn, Bank of China, Taikang Life, Minsheng, Citic), local government (Shanghai, Changbaishan) and Global 500 multinationals (Marriott, Country Garden, Agile, Audi, Volvo).


Three breakthrough lists this past year include the Hurun Good Doctors’ List, a ranking of the 6000 most respected doctors in China, broken down by region and specialty; the Hurun Best International Schools List; and the Hurun Creative Works Intellectual Property List, (‘In Search of China’s Harry Potter’), ranking the online novels with the most valuable IPs.


The Hurun Art List has ranked the top artists alive today in China for the twelve years now, and has become a household name amongst artists.


Media and Events: ‘The Hurun brand gets 200 million views a month in China’

The Hurun brand has become one of the few non-Chinese media brands to become a household name across China.


Hurun Media monetises one million views a month in China, through its WeChat and Weibo accounts, website and legacy magazine.


Recent events include blockchain, fintech and 30 under 30-themed events, with industry-respected awards distributed. Hurun Report delivers 100+ events annually nationwide, with hundreds of entrepreneurs from the Hurun China Rich List in attendance.



Hurun Investments has a portfolio of 20 companies with a market value of USD50 million, with investments in tech, media, design and education as well as a vintage car race and a tailor.


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